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Stair Run Online

About Stair Run Online

Join Stair Run Online to immerse yourself in the 3D adventure world. Turn into a stickman to collect bricks and build stairs. Remember to avoid all red objects!

You need to help the 3D character overcome the dangerous red traps. Like red obstacles in Slope IO or Vex 4, these red items can kill your character. Therefore, get away from them. However, they are spread all over the road. The only method is to fold the stairs in space to cross the obstacles.

Moreover, these obstacles have different heights. You have to use a different number of stairs to pass them. If you use too few stairs, you will hit obstacles. As a result, the game will restart. On the contrary, if you use too many stairs, it will be wasted. You may not have enough stairs to use later.

In addition, the roads are quite narrow and have many obstacles, let's use your intelligence to overcome them. Collect as many bricks as you can to get over the death trap easily. The character won't stop until you reach the finish line and pass the levels. The 3D world will bring an excellent feeling and relaxation. Let's earn as many coins as you can in the game.

Furthermore, the timing to start building the stairs is also an issue. If you build too late, your stairs will collide with obstacles. You should also not build too early to save stairs.

More Information on Stair Run Online game

Developer: YAD.Com Company.

Release Date: Thu Mar 25, 2021.

Features of Stair Run Online

  • Avoid the obstacles and overcome challenges
  • Suitable for all age groups with easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Offer many interesting adventures in the 3D world

How to control: Keep pressing the mouse to build stairs to get over the red items.

Stair Run Online will bring to you a thrilling feeling with the 3D world. Hope you can pass all the difficult levels with many coins. Stair Run Online will help you reduce your stress and entertain in your free time.


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