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Stickman Extreme Racing 3D


About Stickman Extreme Racing 3D

Welcome to Stickman Extreme Racing 3D - an exceptional racing game. You will be a stickman driving through countless obstacles on a closed race track.

Stickman Extreme Racing 3D is a familiar driving game. If you have ever played Car Crash Simulator Royale game, you will easily adapt to this game. You will be controlling your car on a closed race track. You have to overcome countless obstacles in this game. Do not let a collision if you do not want to lose. Let's play and go far in this race.

How to play

In this game, you are a stickman who is driving a car. Stickman is a simple character with an unfussy design. This character will take the form of a human, so he has all the parts of the human body. He is driving on a closed race track and has to dodge countless obstacles. These obstacles are everywhere on the map. You control the car left and right to avoid obstacles. When crashing and obstacles, you will be flying into the sky. When landing, you must quickly go through the square doors to recover.

In addition, your path will also not be easy. It has convex and concave parts that make your car bounce. Your vehicle jumps up and down and then jumps up and down again. It will be very difficult for you to balance that vehicle.

How to control: Use WASD, arrow keys, or mouse to move your car to two sides and avoid obstacles.


  • You must quickly get used to the terrain of the game.
  • Move slowly on this rough road for easy control.
  • You need to look at the whole map, not just the obstacles in front of you.
  • Quick reflexes to obstacles.
  • Move over the neon squares to recover.
  • You have to be very calm to deal with the obstacles.


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