About Vex 4

Vex 4 is the fourth version of the Vex game series. Come to this game to continue the adventures of a stickman. Overcome obstacles and complete Acts.

Continue with the next version of the Vex series! If you are a fan of this type of running game, this new version is a must-tried game. Vex 4 was released in October 2018. After 1 year compared to Vex 3 and before 2 years compared to Vex 5, Vex 4 will take you on exciting adventures.

This game retains the gameplay of previous versions. You need to use stickman skills to overcome the traps. Skills such as swimming, jumping, crawling, swinging and more are always available. Travel through the deeps. Jump over the holes. Dig through water areas. Jump from side to side to climb high platforms. Besides, you have items to support the movement. Orange blocks will help you to jump high. In addition, you can cascade the blue background. They move up or down. You can jump on these platforms to move more easily. However, you need to pay attention to the purple blocks. It will crash after you touch it. You need to move immediately after touching these purple blocks.

Overcome obstacles and reach checkpoints. You will re-park at the nearest checkpoints after you die. Touch the green gate to complete an Act. Vex 4 has 9 Acts. Besides, you can open Act Hardcore after completing 9 Acts. Hardcore is the highest honor of this game.

Trophies in Vex 4

You will receive different medals based on your achievements. You will receive Standard Acts after completing the Acts. Besides, the hardcore awards are also very diverse. You can get 9 stars when you collect 9 hidden stars at 9 Acts. You will get 9 wheels if you complete Challenge Mode in Acts. Furthermore, there are many other titles for you.

Vex 4 retains the same 4 awards as Vex 3 including Standard Acts, Hardcore, Awesome Stuff, and Completion. However, the number of sub-awards has increased. You can follow the series of awards for this edition through the following list of awards.

List of trophies

  • Olympian: achieve Gold or better in every Act
  • Perfectionist: Achieve Perfect or better in every Act
  • Challenger: Complete the Challenge room
  • Astronomer: Collect every star in the game
  • Winner: Complete every Act in Challenge Mode
  • Perfect: Complete any Act with a Perfect ranking
  • Gasping: Surface from swimming with one bubble left
  • Time Files V20: Play the game for over one hour
  • Heads Up: Get crushed by a pushable block
  • Death Tycoon: Get over 100 total deaths

A series of awards are offered. The goal of these prizes is to incentivize players. Each achievement that you achieve will bring you different prizes. The number of prizes is unlimited. You can collect all of these trophies if you can afford them.

How to control: Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the stickman.

If you have completed all the Acts of Vex 4 and want to find a new game, you can try Slope IO. Like Vex 4, Slope IO is also a running game. However, your protagonist is a ball with a messianic mission. You need to save a planet that is being destroyed by 5 strange monsters. Come play this game for more fun experiences!


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