About Vex 5

Vex 5 is the fifth version of Agame's Vex series. Become a stickman to finish Acts and receive various trophies. Complete Vex 5 before coming to Vex 6!

Your task is to control the stickman character to overcome obstacles. Complete the Acts to receive prizes. You will also receive support from items.

  • Purple blocks will collapse after you touch them.
  • Orange blocks help you jump high.
  • Green blocks help you move to the sides.
  • Black dots help you to jump to one side. You should jump in the red area of ​​the black dot for the most force.
  • Brown blocks can be pushed either way. Move these blocks to be able to jump into high platforms.
  • Blue blocks will move automatically from top to bottom or vice versa. You can jump and stand on these blocks to move with them.

In addition to items, you need to master your abilities. Running, sliding, climbing, and swimming are basic abilities that you have to own. You will not complete all acts if you can not use them. Therefore, make sure that you are ready with these abilities before starting the official race.

Note that you need to pay attention to your air intake when swimming. You have a certain amount of gas to be able to survive underwater. If you stay underwater for too long, you will run out of air and die. There are many obstacles you have to face. Another game, Slope IO, also provides you with new experiences and adventures when becoming a ball. Come to this game to challenge yourself!

Besides that, you will reach checkpoints. Turn these checkpoints from red to green to save your running process. When you die, you will start over from the last checkpoint instead of playing from the beginning.

This game will also earn you a bunch of trophies. Complete 9 Acts to receive Standard Acts awards. Complete Challenge modes to get Hardcore. You get Awesome Stuff if you complete individual objectives. You can also get Completion when achieving different rankings. In order to understand more about trophies, you can click the Trophies section for more details.


The rewards in the Vex 5 game are similar to previous Vex versions. You can win 4 main titles with different sub-titles. You can complete different tasks to gain them.

Each Act will record your time and number of deaths.

Moreover, this version of Vex provides a new mode. The Vex 5 game is the 5th version with updates to the Challenge Room and an item for the player. You can jump with the black dots. Let's try playing Challenge Room where you will be able to try completely new experiences. The pitfalls in this room are much harder. In particular, they move at high speed.

The Vex Series

The Vex game series is a famous series of games with a series of pitfalls. The game takes you into the world of spikes, spiked wheels, and abyss. Since its release, the game has attracted a lot of people to play. Although these games with simple graphics, the attractive gameplay has kept players. Besides, simple graphics gradually become a feature of this series. The image of a stickman running all over the road has become the iconic image of this game. Up to now, the publisher has released 6 versions. The latest version is called Vex 6.


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