About Vex 6

Vex 6 is an Agame's running game to participate in adventures with a stickman. Control him to overcome traps and reach the destination. Complete all acts.

The latest version of the Vex series is called Vex 6. This is the 6th version released in October 2021 by Agame.com. Since its release, this Vex 6 game has become a competitor to the popular running game at the time, Slope IO. The 6th edition continues the success of the previous versions. This game continues to keep the basic gameplay. However, it also has innovations.

Simple Gameplay of Vex 6

Like the previous versions, this game still requires you to complete the Acts. There are 9 Acts and 9 hard Acts. Hard Acts is an upgraded version of Acts with more obstacles. The following Acts are more difficult than the previous Acts. Difficulty increases with level. You will have to overcome countless differences. Sharp spikes, deadly wheels, and dangerous guns are always available. They wait for you to touch them.

Moreover, you will have to overcome a lot of different terrains. High platforms, water areas, and even air areas. Jump from side to side to climb high platforms. Swim and avoid the obstacles. Jump in the air. There are many other obstacles. You need to use many different skills for your character.

Your mission can be challenging. However, you have many items to help you overcome the challenges. Orange blocks help you jump high. The black dots help you swing and jump to one side. The ropes help you swing from side to side. Note the purple blocks will collapse after you touch them. Be careful!

Run to the destination and complete the Acts. Checkpoints continue to save your running process.

Differences between Vex 6 and previous versions

Vex 6 is the latest version with new features. You can see them right in the main menu.

The Vex 6 provides players with many skins for stickman characters. You can buy different skins based on the amount of gold you earn. Each skin has a different selling price. For example, you can purchase common skin for 50 coins, uncommon skin for 100 coins, rare skin for 150 coins, ultrarare skin for 200 coins, and legendary skin for 250 coins.

Besides, you can also perform Daily Tasks and Daily Bonus Stages to receive rewards. However, you need to wait for these two features to reset.

Another feature is coins. You will collect coins along the way. You have 3 rating factors after each round. Reaching the destination safely, collecting 3 stars, and collecting gold are 3 important factors. Meet these requirements to win 3 stars.

Furthermore, you can see the difference in trophies between Vex 6 and the previous volumes. This 6th version gives you 2 types of trophies instead of 4 in previous versions. Only Standard Acts and Hardcore remained. Besides, this Vex 6 game also brings many new features compared to other running games like Slope IO. Play these two games and find new features between them.

How to control: Use WASD or arrow keys to control the stickman.


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