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Zombie Tsunami Online

About Zombie Tsunami Online

Participate in the zombie races in Zombie Tsunami Online published by Kiz10.com! Control your zombie army to collect humans and destroy vehicles.

In this game, zombies have invaded the world. Humans become food for them. You will transform into zombies. Your mission is to eat people, overcome obstacles and collect gold. The more people you eat, the stronger your army. When your army is strong, you can push various vehicles. For example, you can push cars with 4 zombies. You can push the bus with 7 zombies. Then you can push both the tank and the plane. Try to collect as many people as possible. In addition, you will have to jump over the pits. If you fall into the pit, the game is over. However, if your army has many zombies, you will have an advantage. As long as 1 zombie in your army is alive, you can still keep running.

Moreover, you need to overcome obstacles, especially bombs. If you touch 1 bomb, 1 of your zombies will die. The bombs can also be in many different locations. They can lie on the ground or be hung on hot air balloons. If you find this game too challenging for you, Slope Run is more suitable for you. This running game will not have so many deadly obstacles.

Remember to collect gold coins along the way. You can unlock tons of new skins for your zombies.

Graphics and Effects in Zombie Tsunami Online

This game has impressive graphics and effects. You can experience many different backgrounds. You can run through crowded cities, poetic beaches, or dark forests. The game will take you to different contexts. Enjoy environmental diversity. Furthermore, the effects of the game are also great. You can get this from the movement of zombies, the movement of vehicles, and even explosions in the event of an accident.

How to control: Press your left mouse button to jump. Hold it to jump higher.


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